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TOP 5 Web Designing Trends to look for in 2020

TOP 5 Web Designing Trends to look for in 2020

TOP 5 Web Designing Trends to look for in 2020

Like a supernova, it is a meter of just three months, our research and survey experienced the delirious spectrum of design, drama and over the fence competition to stay ahead. It is simply not a native gesture online to identify what are the trendiest web design trends that the world is going to be challenged.

We want you to take full advantage of the staggering trends by keeping in consideration the top 5pointers or share

The first quarter of the year is dawning in, and have we started to already look towards what’s happening next. A Classic web design providing company like ours finds it quite inspiring to share what trend and design aesthetic will be ruling this year 2020? Are the trends you are planning to implement the right of its kind? Are some of the trends lagging and we are still holding onto them? If you are planning to launch your brand online and you don’t want your company to be like one of those cookie cutting brands – you need a serious thought?

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The first thing that catches a viewer’s eye is the text on your landing page. This is one of the most substantial elements of a website. The text displays the Tags, headers and the content which creates an impression and brings in two heavy-duty benefits – intuitiveness and enhancement

The texts used in the web pages must be fluid informative and minus any grammar errors. It is only then that your probability of holding the viewer’s attention will be strong.

We have many times view a website and quickly browse out since the text lacks professionalism. 89% of the viewers are turned away since the text they read is inaccurate and incoherent. If the website fails to convey the message correctly – you tend to lose out in the initial phase and many potential leads and prospects turn their eyes away from the website.

In addition to the text, it is equally important to have the right keywords as that’s the only way your website will get promoted and will be anchored in the search engines.

#02 apt use of colors and layout

Being nostalgic about the word color and layout, as a designer I tend to have a softer approach for throwback look and classic layouts, these not only symbolize a trend but keep the workflow in order. Each theme takes on a different approach, some are modern, whereas some are contemporary and some classic design inspired.

A well-thought layout can leave a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind right from the first look. It is, therefore, a very critical element in making a website succeed or fail. Choosing the right pattern of a website defines the website’s frame and structure. Information, menu positioning, and clear navigation path help the user access information easily and intuitively a rushed up layout often frustrate the viewers and they end up leaving the site.

Do keep the Gestalt law of closure in mind whilst choosing a layout for your website –which clearly states “if a shape is incomplete –the human eye tends to fill the visual gaps, hence pay attention to detail, focus on the global picture and fill in your template so viewers can find themselves what they are looking for.

  • Try and visual weight vide negative spaces
  • Balance the silhouette view
  • Use a layout outside the standard layout
  • Create simulating eye-catching layouts
  • Create Visual Tension ( attract focus by contrasts of space, color and the perfect balance of elements)
#03Geometry inspired Shape and Pattern

The last 3 years have witnessed monochrome era, organic shape but this year is the year called 2020 and surprisingly geometric shape, patterns, lines and making a booming comeback. A geometric shape is usually preferred as its vital content like text or images that need to be emphasized to viewers, it makes the overall look more appealing, without overpowering the website design.

The universal common-Sense, Worldly-Accepted shape helps create a melodious Onlooker Acquaintance

The point we want to emphasize is that not all geometrical shapes are not 100% browser responsive. What you require is to repeatedly test them or use some common ones. There are thousands of others, of course, so you should consider doing a little research before you finalize on your website

Make it a point to opt for a  Geometric shape that is safe and is recognizable so you can dedicate your resourcefulness to other areas and resolve user queries.

#4 Viewer- prompted Animations

Usually, the moment we mention the word animation, we start to view the cartoon on its own, they are almost independent of any action we take on the page as the viewer’s visits. The remarkably growing trend this year is seen in having a user prompted animation by some simple input or a quick action or mouse-overs etc…

We combine viewer interaction with a tactical animation that is tastefully created. Even as awe design is primarily used to express your ideas through design, layout, content, color, text –a user response by adding value takes it to a new level altogether. Are we able to explain the importance to all, do keep a tab-we will soon share all about web animations in our next blog.

#5 A human face that connects

When you think of using a real human face for your website you have already set the tone right here. When we portray a  human image, it tends to immediately establish a human emotion and the level of engaging heightens, Facial expression (such as smile) creates attention, human mind gets automatically triggered when they tend to see a figurative that they recognize –they feel understood and a big feeling of comfort+ reassurance develops. In simple words, they add personality to the website.

Make sure you use a face that speaks purposefully, you cannot control the viewer’s mind but you can try to engage them, which eventually will empower visual emotions, help them relate to your site and services.

Say it with humans and create visual appeal.

The study reveals websites that have a human face on the landing page invites 22.6 % more viewers than those who do not.

The best point to be noted here while mentioning the  5 TOP Web Designing trends in 2020 is that you won’t be degenerative about the time and dynamism in progressing in any of them since none of the above show any signs of becoming a fading fad.

When traffic flow/conversions start to drop off it may be because a design trend has stopped functioning for your business; in that case, you must understand it’s time to try something new.

That should never be a problem if you stay focused on design trends that aren’t going away any time soon. That will always be the case whenever you decide to opt for MALTechs consultation for the foundation for your web design, our designers are experts and will share designs based on your specification that will knock your socks off!


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