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Top 5 trending technologies that would rule 2020

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Top 5 trending technologies that would rule 2020

Technology has come a long way and still has a long way to go in many respects. It has revolutionised the lives of people all over the world and made life easier in a variety of ways. In the world of business especially, technology has played an undeniable role.

Technology for 2020 Get Set Get Ready to know more about all that is Vogue, Technology Now


With a great panoramic innovation domain, astonishing creativity and extraordinary concepts and brilliant technology integration are offering their clients all new and splendid experiences of the innovative technologies in this world. Products are known by their advantages and support they extend us, human, they encompass the complete element of thoughts, ideas into manual implementation.


What exactly is this?

IoT “The Internet of Things”, in simple terms is expanding and outspreading the boundaries of the internet beyond computers and smartphones into things that involve processes, systems, and environments. IoT has in just a very short period has proved and boiled down to providing benefits and advantages that simply were a dream just a few years before. Earlier you could just make voice calls and exchange messages but now with evolving technologies, we can even see whom we are talking to-this is just one of the millions of jobs that the internet is making it possible. The most striking feature of all is that it can be in the comfort of your room, office or even on the move. This is the non-technical understanding of IoT.

Does IoT matter?

 IoT offers a better insight both commercially and in the personal front and tends to control over ninety-eight percent of matters and environs that remain beyond the reach of the internet. And by doing so, IoT allows trades /commerce and individuals to be more connected to the ecosphere around us and to do more meaningful, higher-level work.

It will be in ín-thing’ as it will take charge of 100% of what we do and how we do. All we need is to watch out.


Artificial Intelligence

What it is?

In simple language, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a different technology altogether. It is not hardware-oriented or a robotic auto-work. Artificial Intelligence performs work that is frequent, pre-fed and in the most reliable and trusted way. Artificial Intelligence is often mistaken as an individual application, which is not correct. AI will never be sold as a product. Instead we, individuals will be using Artificial intelligence in an improved capacity similarly like using Siri or automation application.

To use AI most effectively, it becomes imperative that the strategy and objective fit into the business purpose. It should be taken into consideration that the in-depth learning, image segregation, and object will blend in fittingly with people, process and technology.

The prime usage of Ai is for security intelligence and entertainment. AI adapts work using progressive algorithms, which allows the data to do all jobs and also complicated tasks as how to sing or prepare your favorite dish. Each model adapts with the coded data. The AI model helps to adapt though rigorous training and added features –it will perform functionalities using the neutral network which earlier was an impossible task.

How Artificial Intelligence will be used

Every industry has a high demand for AI capabilities these days – especially interrogating, replying. These systems can be used for permissible assistance, blatant searches, risk statement, and the medical industry. 

Digitizing content

For smart- users experiences

Smart delivery invented on the shelf is supposed to perform extraordinarily as it transforms the digital market. Most of the industry digital gurus are correct when they mention that the future of the IT industry is now going to see a dramatic change this year and a transformed facelift using the landscape digital content. Analysts have as well predicted that most of the change is expected to drive the change to a new economic structure.

The digital content will take a new form now and a few things will change forever. The delivery of every segment is stringently classified into business-centric, technology-centric, process-centric and alternate non-rectilinear models.

We at Maltech strongly feel and agree that the delivery model used is based on collective service with an agile, flexible and great cloud platform. We constantly track our client demand which changes dynamically and is completely resource-based – we provide services along top-end technology base – using SaaS which refers to providing hosted software (described in detail in our blog SaaS), is somehow emerging software which time and on eliminates the requirement and demand of our clients.

The expenses to manage and maintain software such as one mentioned above is high, yet clients who prefer quality work –would never step back.

The Disseminated Cloud Computing

Disseminating cloud computing is an independent yet a step ahead of what we have known in the last 5 years. People do think cloud to be something there –high up in its own buffer space, offering independence, security, and issues that are being location independent. With the disseminated cloud, the physical conferred area is now moved beyond. Cloud now has expanded not only its territory but its services have extended as well.

Addressing regulation issues and dormancy issues and those kinds of things is becoming much more important.

Disseminated or distributed cloud is the technology to watch this year. In case you want a facelift and want your business to go hand in hand with the competition- this is the year you need to get your business to familiarize yourself with the Cloud distribution system.

The most important part is that distributed cloud disseminates public cloud facilities or services to various external locations, however, the responsibility for the mainframe cloud operation, delivery, architecture, and updating lies with the original provider.

This year will open up various factors that would evolve cloud from a centralized public cloud to the distributed cloud system. What is pertinent here is that with a distributed cloud, the main data center can be located anywhere –yes it does challenge data sovereignty but it is very important to know the benefits distributed cloud has added on the public cloud service.

To understand the functionalities of distributed cloud – we need an elaborate understanding and that has been covered in our next blog – emphasizing the importance and complete understanding of distributed cloud computing.

In simple terms, distributed Cloud computing is the next emerging technology that would enhance and boost the existing public cloud model and take your business to the next level.

Increase security with Blockchain

Blockchain is a super technology that predominantly uses protected cryptography to keep data ledgers secured and allows verification without even having to depend on 3rd parties. Though 79% of the people assume blockchain technology in the line of cryptocurrencies e.g. Bitcoin, blockchain provides its client’s security in many other ways and beyond.

Understanding blockchain in simple terms – “this can be explained as data that one can include to, and not change, amend or take away the trem’Chain” mean as hooking up the data –in layman’s terms. The meaning is not being able to append, amend or move the previous block where it is securely stored.

Advantages of blockchain technology for your business

The SIX most basic plus points of Blockchain technology are subsidiarity, immutability, safety, and clarity.

  1. This technology permits verification without dependency on third-parties.
  2. The data structure is append-only. So, it cannot be altered, amended or moved
  3. Blockchain technology uses  protected cryptography to secure the data ledgers
  4. Every transaction and fact is committed to the chunk after the process of extreme various verification tests. There is the consent of all the ledger members on what is to be logged in the block.
  5. Every transaction is listed in sequential order and stamped with in-out details ( time details )
  6. Having smart contracts, the businesses can now pre-set conditions on the blockchain. All auto- transactions are prompted only when the settings are met.


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