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SaasBoomi 2020


SaasBoomi 2020

Its time -global partners find the right alliance and expand their NETWORK geographically in the secured CLOUDWORLD

The Banner text of SaaSBoomi “The Home to Asia’s SaaS Community”says it all; says it clear.


SaaSBoomi – the roaring name in the SaaS ecosystem is not merely a conference but a platform that is in simple terms offers a window for a like-minded human to gather, connect, network, understand, learn and take back a lot more than one can expect from a tech  ‘conference”.

The recently concluded SaaSBoomi 2020 conference, held over 48 hours in Chennai, the new Tech capital of South India, presented the software distribution model in which the Service provider’s host’s applications for businesses in a transformed and seamless acceptable format, making the application prudent and accessible vide internet.

The application model, SaaS is amongst the three most pertinent categories of Cloud Services, the other two being IaaS and PaaS respectively.

SaasBoomi understands the Asian market and does record the trends since the Indian and Southeast Asian countries are highly dynamic and unique compared to the European or US market mix. The host country with a diverse market is at the cusp of transmutation, the demand that the service industry puts forth during its implementation services is weak. The product that is required to meet the ever booming demand has to be apt

Year on year thousands of technology innovative minds and IT conclaves are taking the world by storm with a promise to accord sessions and thought shares of the –whose of who- IT professionals and tech gurus in the field, glimpse of the latest technologies, forecasting what’s next and inimitable, distinctive networking opportunities, that will accelerate not only your business but will take your career to the next level.

Double Bracket: Asian (India and Southeast Asia) markets are very unique compared to the US/UK markets. With a heterogeneous market (languages, cultures), a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. As the region is at the cusp of transformation, the requirements are agile. Implementation cycles are weeks (not months). Products have to be built for a mobile-first generation (as the users have leapfrogged to mobile screen bypassing the desktop).
At SaaSBoomi, you can learn from India founders who have scaled it.

We are very excited to share the latest SaaS conclave that recently concluded on 25th October 2020 in Chennai.

We promise to keep you updated regularly on all the tech innovative seminars and conclave that takes place in the country so our viewers and readers do not miss out on anything important.

Industry leaders at SaaSBoomi share their views that India is the destination to watch. This country will be the product and intellectual property capital of the world. It has over half a century investing brands, 4 leading  SaaS establishments along with more than  500 start-up enthusiasts who gathered under one roof to converse, debate, discuss as to how India’s global share in the SaaS market is growing from a slightly above  2.5 percent to a whooping triple growth percentage of 8 in just 5 years.

SaaSBooMi is an interesting technology affair, which commenced with a clear vision to bring like-minded founders and with a focus on helping Asian SaaS founders triumph on a highly potential subject. It’s a commemoration of all founder and similar volunteer-centric resourcefulness with a clear aim to transmute Asia as the SaaS-hub of the Global trends

“SaaSBooMi is a biome of impresarios. It is a great platform to exchange views – learn and share – rightly shared by one of the great founders, with over four Indian SaaS companies making a GOP  of noticeable number have crossed $ 50 million, and close to 40  companies making a revenue between $5 million and $50 million. SaaS companies have an annual gross margin of 80 percent and grow based on arranged recurring revenue. “There will be many budding leaders from the SaaS industry,” tallying that these SaaS companies will create noteworthy capital for the Indian economy and add on the GDP.

SaaS, Software As A Service is ………….way. In a very simplest form is the need of the hour. This is a way of delivering various applications of the Internet of course –an s a sophisticated service. One can simply wade off the step by step process of installing, commissioning and maintenance of software and use it simply through the internet. This gives the user an edge over freeing oneself from the complex software and hardware management and maintenance efforts.

Speakers did emphasize on the fact that SaaS applications, which otherwise is termed as Web-based software or demand software or – whatever the name is one needs to have the initial clarity and that is SaaS software runs on SaaS provider’s servers. The SaaS service providers do have their own managed way of accessing the application in a concrete secured environment, have accessibility and monitor performance regularly and on Adhoc schedules as well.

SaaSBoomi 2020 witnessed

Great conversations, debates, and discussions with companion founders; no waffle, no buying-selling business. The seminar is all about founders networking with founders and sharing their ideas and becoming contacts.A different way to comprehend the SaaS model is by considering it as a factory, which defends the secrecy of each product while according to product delivery which is consistent, steadfast and protected—on an enormous measure. A factory’s client tends to use similar production systems and technology without even worrying about a single accessing their information without agreement


Strengthen partnerships and EXPAND your network into INDIA.         

The 2nd largest SaaS market in ASIA

The fact that India is now the 2nd largest SaaS market in ASIA, offers a huge opportunity. The time if just right and perfect for you to look for and identify business alliances or partners, who will expand your reach and network in this part of the globe?


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