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What it takes to create effective Landing Page


What it takes to create effective Landing Page

Are you guilty of putting a website that does not yield results that are is impressive? If yes, then this is for you. An easy drafted study and research blog that is put together to share an answer for the question that is in your mind.
Who would have thought that the humble task of creating the most important page of your website could be this easy? All the websites in the world substantially may have well and truly entered the web world, but now, the most influential era of web business, where you create your brand online acknowledges all good and bad and every minute aim to eliminate sites that are irrelevant and sites that make sense.
You can call for a sustainable future for your website, landing pages are pertinent as it directly impacts the lead generation and conversion too. The marketers tend to capture great yield by sending leads to committed and intuitive landing pages rather than sending the lead to the home page.
A huge part of email marketers sends the traffic to the happening landing page. An amazing landing page will keep the visitor glued before he shifts his eyes to another page. Try to get a viewer to buy, permit him for you to follow up by email, phone, etc. and finally ensure the viewer/visitor leaves a comment or give you some sort of feedback
You make your very first impression and can achieve the above when your landing page has three out of the five ticked :
⦁ Great impression
⦁ Generates Leads and conversions
⦁ Helpful in promotional activities
⦁ Initiates credibility
⦁ Increases Search Results

Breaking the code – What is a landing page? Do we need one on every website?

Many of us might think why will a blogpost or a Travel site need a landing page –well let us clarify Landing pages are not reserved for a certain category ( such as eCommerce, online retail sites, business sites )In reality, a landing page is s simple page that is used to promote anything’
It can be a service, an affiliate a product or simply share information or simply direct people who view your website to subscribe or read your blog.
We must educate ourself and understand that creative landing pages are not enough, flashy text, catchy banner headings what is required is to know the art of crafting a true landing page (in all its means )

A landing page is only as good as its product

Landing pages are predominantly prospering if they have a superb healthy offer tagged on its landing page. This means a quality landing page will sell a lesser-known product than a lesser impressive landing page which is selling a high-end product. That is not what we would like to have right?
Landing pages are collective which means landing page design, layout, content, offer means a lot. A good landing page will showcase its existence with social pieces of evidence (social existence proof). We have often noticed renowned marketing gurus run BETA versions of their offerings since it allows them to showcase client testimonials, certifications, awards /accolades, and ratifications /endorsements
A good landing page should remove any anxiety that a budding client has by showing them how other people have already purchased the product are enjoying every bit of it.
On another note having a ratified endorsement is much influencing than having a testimonial why so? Having someone else endorse your product has more authentication and when it has products endorsed by a known name.
To ensure the pages uploaded or published especially the Landing Pages are tested. This is quite a practice as no matter how small, the weird or vast business you own –you must have a way to check the important components which can make or break the lead generation or viewers’ time spend on your page :

MUST_HAVE elements of Landing pages :

⦁ What the brand’s unique selling points /proposition are
⦁ Call to action
⦁ Engaging Images/videos
⦁ What is your offer
⦁ Display Brand positioning

⦁ Banner Headers and Para- titles
Do your Banner headers and intro texts influence end sales?
⦁ TAB colors and FONT TYPE
If you change your YELLOW Button ‘CLICK NOW button to a RED ‘Add to Wishlist’ do you get more leads?
⦁ How long is your landing page content
What about if you have a smart crisp landing page content with an endorsed video? Will that help conversion?
⦁ Images and Human connect
Many of us have seen a huge impact by altering the main images on a landing page by using a human face impact (we have the advantages mentioned in our website blogs).

What should be kept in mind to create an Effective Landing Page
Now that we know why landing pages are important, we must be well aware of how a landing page functions? What it looks like? What are the keep elements that constitutes a landing page and more
Header: The header is the first thing that viewers check, make sure you have a great Header which is concise and focussed.
Sub heads: Sub heads shows the content in a simple and brief way
SEO Keywords: SEO keywords offers health to the webpage and the tactical optimization of provides search results for the search engines.
Social handles: These Social shortcuts helps client reach your landing page beyond extended
Simple Navigation: A clean navigation helps visitors stay on the page and help conversion.
Image: Landing pages having relevant image offers visitors a great idea and makes it visually appealing.

Whenever you are designing a landing page, you’re generating a huge undefined data asset for your marketing program. You will be able to collect huge insights into your marketing performance by studying the trends and its analytics, such as how your various marketing offers to compare, how viewers and leads are converting on your landing pages over time and so on This will give you a powerful tool that will help you work out the SWOT, challenge the weakness and stress more on opportunities.

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