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How to choose the best theme for the website?

Best themes for webaite

How to choose the best theme for the website?

Agreeably, identifying  the right theme for your website can be a daunting task since there are not one but hundreds of options online which we can simply buy or avail for free (especially the one with the free download options)

For if you want your website to produce lead and appeal viewers – you have to make sure that its look, layout and style stand out. Opting for ready-made free website themes is easy but not recommended for a number of reasons. As we read the article, we will find why.

What does the theme mean?

A website theme is the basic layout and looks of the website, it comprises of several things such as the background, color, font face, types and other components that constitute and affects the aesthetics of your website. Your website design and layout theme is your brand identity and makes an impression on the world viewing your website. 

 Now what is important to note is, how does one create an impactful website? If the theme is the most essential component as mentioned above, how does one decide which is the perfect theme and what are the key factors that one should keep in mind before you build an overwhelming website


Most of us are comfortable using pre-formatted and designed website themes which were earlier designed by our agency that supported our Website designing and with time these designs and themes got repetitive the same as the PowerPoint presentation design templates.  

Times now has completely changed, if you ask for website themes –you will have hundreds and even more options to choose from, yet the truth is they lack the SEO dynamism and user deprived experiences that impact the overall aspect and your effort and money go for a toss.

FACTS – Why website Theme? 


  • Ninety-Four % of people build your brand image after browsing your mobile website.
  • Maximum revenue is produced from mobile-friendly sectors.
  • As mobile phones make up more than half of the Web traffic, mobile-friendly sites can convert more of the traffic to the leads than the non-responsive websites.
  • More than sixty % of consumers likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites. 
  • Over Fifty-two % of all comes from people using a website that is used majorly by users 

To help you select the most perfect theme for your brand, ensure you keep the following 5 factors in mind:

#1 Commercial Theme for Website – a better option

Make up your mind and go for a commercial theme rather than a free template. The themes offered free have limited features and full of bug errors which demotivates the owner as any correction or amendment in any of the website’s pages will call for the developer’s assistance. Even if you prefer to go for a free template, do make sure you have checked the user rating and reviews.  The theme must support regular updates on its own with a simple click by the owner and must offer features that your brand would need to exhibit [ plugins etc. ]

Do not go for a popular theme since there is a potential risk of finding your neighbor using the same .try to look for unconventional designs – out of the box and good user documentation.

 #2 Keep the theme simple and crisp.

Websites that have too cluttered design and flash, animations might be attractive for a certain segment of users but these are an absolute no-no.

The reason is loud and flashy websites and features take the viewers away from any CTA on the webpage and unclear navigation adds to the pain, hence it is highly recommended to go for minimalistic design and layout – in all a simple approach.

#3 Hassle-free Developer’s time

A common mistake that we tend to make while choosing your website is we go for visual impact and do not ponder on the thought that selecting a certain website theme will demand updates since as the stage graduates, it advances with updated theme and features. Many of us hardly understand how to change the settings or preferences to be able to update automatically. We do make efforts but due to the security restrictions and feature changes –you need the support of an application developer to assist you every time you are challenged with an update request, in case you do not want to do it –you will end up breaking your theme which does not go in your favor.

Do note using website layout and design that has been facilitating us for a good amount of time and have many updates this signifies that the app developer is regularly updating amends to create the theme more engaging and intuitive. 

#4 Mobile promptness

78% of the latest website themes are responsive, this does not guarantee at all that they will work efficiently and offer great user experience in the mobile device. Some of the Web Designing service providers do suggest Goggle’s mobile test and tend to fail as the website themes, though responsive offer poor user experience and compatibility on the handheld device.

Select a website theme that is eye appealing, provides simple navigation and the Call to Action directly within the viewer’s frame. It should be compatible with desktop and palmtops too making it a desirable website.

A large number of website theme offers demo previews for you to check its look n feel when online, ensure you run them through the mobile or I-pad to check the frame and other navigation tools. 

#5 Validate Plugins, apps, and extensions

It’s very very common to practice to run a website and check the options that can be customized to match look n feel and complement your brand and well as enhancing the experience of the users. These in turn pulls more traffic and helps convert to potential leads and revenue.

WP (Word Press) offers over 54000 plugins available whereas Shopify has thousands of applications and extensions to help your brand gained visibility. (916)

The theme of your brand website also depends on the category of business you are involved in and the size of the business. Depending on the above two factors, you can go ahead and purchase plugins and other value adders.

For eg. In case you are a single entity business owner, you would want to create a website to generate leads and dale- you are then advised to use a word press theme that attracts more movement. If your brand is a large one and has multiple deigning requirements, you must consult before you pay them.

There is an abundance of offers from service providers who provides plugins that highlight features and helps manage downloads as well. 

TRY to make a list of what all features you would require on the website and our expert will help you identify your goal.

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